Happy Plants Berlin is a multidisciplinary creative studio led by Gaja Vičič, specialising in floral design for a wide range of events including weddings, brand activations and marketing events as well as set design and floral set styling for photoshoots, exhibitions, films and video.

Alongside floral services, Gaja offers a comprehensive range of creative solutions to her clients. Her career encompasses graphic design and art direction, ensuring cohesive and visually striking presentations for events, as well as undertaking diverse creative projects. In her artistic practice, she creates textile art for fashion and interiors, drawing inspiration from the botanical world to craft pieces that transport viewers into dreamy and fantastical realms.

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I find myself most interested in unconventional ways of expression, creating my own visual language that allows me to communicate the subliminal.

From plant passion to Etsy shop
I’ve always felt a strong pull towards plants. As soon as I moved into my own appartment in Berlin, I started collecting plants and before I knew it, they were taking over every shelf, stretching over the walls and hanging from the ceiling. They became an integral part of what made my home feel like a safe sanctuary. At one point, my 49-square-meter space in Neukölln housed around 150 plants—a sight I loved. But as plants do, they grew quickly and needed trimming to make space for me.

With too many cuttings to give away, I opened an Etsy shop to share my green babies with others. When the pandemic hit, many, including myself, found comfort in caring for plants while living in social isolation. My Etsy shop thrived, deepening my passion for plants. From here, the name Happy Plants was born.
The story of happy Plants
Healing powers of plants
Plants became my wise mentors - by nurturing and observing them, I learned valuable lessons in self-care and self-love. Plants taught me to embrace imperfections, recognize my own resilience mirrored in theirs, and appreciate renewal and growth. They healed the parts of me I hadn't known how to heal before and ignited a wish for more creativity in my life.

Despite working in a creative profession as a graphic designer, I often found client work to be limiting and repetitive, so I sought a new outlet. I taught myself the art of tufting and began creating soft artworks inspired by the botanical world. This also allowed me to dive deeper into my love for color and abstract expression, which have always ignited my imagination and brought me closer to the ethereal, to the magic of life and feeling of joy.
From hobby project to my business mission
My abstract explorations of botanical fantasies continued, and when the day came for flowers to cross my path, it felt like a match made in heaven. Floral art combines my love for plant world with infinite shapes and colors offered by flowers, providing me with a practical yet whimsical way of sharing my creativity with the world.

My mission with Happy Plants is to remind you to appreciate the present moment, fostering a deeper connection with here and now and so creating space for more joy, wonder, fantasy and magic not only in my own life, but also in the lives of those I get to create for.
Photo by Mario Heller
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