Happy Plants is a multi-disciplinary design studio specialising in floral design for a wide range of events including weddings, floral installations for brand activations and marketing events as well as set design and floral set styling for photoshoots, exhibitions, films and video.

As an extension of our creative practice, we also create made to order textile art for fashion and interiors that connects to and is inspired by the aesthetic qualities of the botanical world, taking them further into dreamy and fantastical realms.

We approach every project with a strong concept and artistic expertise to create high-quality, memorable floral concepts that complement our clients' narratives.

ABout us

The studio, led by Gaja Vičič, is rooted in a profound love for the natural world. She believes in the transformative power of plants, viewing them as healers and architects of fulfilling living environments. Her journey explores the intersection of this connection with nature and a passion for design and vibrant aesthetics.

We strive towards crafting experiences that resonate with the human spirit and bring joy to the obeserver. Flowers as a medium compel us to appreciate its transient beauty in the moment, fostering a deep connection with the present. Aesthetics, for us, is not just about appearances but about creating environments that elicit excitement, surprise, and a sense of wonder.